Aquasoft Moisturising Lotion Review

Aquasoft Moisturising Lotion

I would have never come across this lotion if it was not for my dermatologist who had prescribed it for me. It is one of those products that are hiding in the shelves of pharmacies (in India) along with tons of other tubes and bottles, which you wouldn’t know of unless someone told you that it exists.


Rs 215 for 100 ml

Rs 323 for 200 ml

About Aquasoft Moisturising Lotion

Aquasoft body lotion is an incredibly hydrating and moisturizing It is all season moisturizing lotion that keeps your skin soft, silky and supple.

My Take on Aquasoft and Moisturising Lotion

Packaging: It comes in a very simple and practical packaging – a pearly white bottle with a flip top cap. The packaging is quite sturdy and travel-friendly.

Appearance & Fragrance :The lotion is white in color which is neither too thick nor too runny. The fragrance is pleasant and fresh and lasts for quite sometime after application. Over the time, I have come to love this fragrance.

Effectiveness: It is extremely light and is easily absorbed. It does not leave behind any heaviness or greasiness. So along with Nivea Aloe Cream moisturizer, this makes it a good summertime moisturizer. Though it’s very light, the moisturized effect lasts for a long time and does not need constant re-application. Though they have said this is a body lotion I have been using it for my face as well and it hasn’t caused breakouts or any other adverse reaction.

As for availability, I doubt that this would be available at regular supermarkets or beauty stores. You will most likely find it at pharmacies (in India). I have also seen it on Amazon and a few other online pharmacies.

Would I recommend Aquasoft Moisturising Lotion?

When it comes to effectiveness, I would say it would suit most skin types for all seasons, except for winter when you may need a heavier moisturizers.

Note: This was prescribed to me by my dermatologist and this review is my experience with using the product. This is not to be taken as medical reference for any skin condition.


  1. Awesome, should try this 🙂 never heard of it earlier

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