Nivea Aloe Body Cream Refreshing Moisturizer

Nivea Aloe Body Cream Refreshing Moisturizer Review

Nivea has an amazing range of products. Right from creams to their shower gels and body lotions, their products are very popular especially for winter skincare. Their classic Nivea Creme as been a staple in my vanity as far as I can remember. I also love the Nivea Soft Cream which comes in a white tub which is so lightweight yet so moisturizing and can be used throughout the year.  So when I saw their newly launched Aloe Body Cream, I was tempted to give it a try. So I went ahead and bought the smallest size available.


Rs 90 for 50 ml

Rs 265 for 200 ml

My Take on Nivea Aloe Body Cream Refreshing Moisturizer

Packaging – It comes in 2 sizes and both of them come in a white tub. The packaging is very similar to the Nivea Soft Cream.

Fragrance – The fragrance is all fresh and summery. However, it doesn’t last at all. It just disappears within a few minutes of application.

Texture – It is extremely lightweight in texture. Spreads easily and is instantly absorbed.

Since the packaging of this one is very similar to the Nivea Soft Cream, I was expecting it to be very similar to that. However, the similarity ends there. The moisturizing capability doesn’t even come close to it. When I applied it, it immediately got absorbed, but my skin still felt dry and stretchy.

So, while they recommend it for all skin types, this is not hydrating enough for winters especially if you have dry skin. As for other skin types, this might work for you in winters, still you might need to keep re-applying it. So best avoid it in winter and save it for the summers when you need something that is light weight and non-greasy.

So, off it goes to the back of my cabinet for now. I will bring it out only to be used sometime in summer.

Do I recommend it?

Those with dry skin – this is not moisturizing enough for winters. However, the texture as well as the refreshing fragrance will make it a great summertime moisturizer for most skin types.

Which are your favorite products from Nivea? Do let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Every single product from Nivea is my favorite ❤❤❤ Thanks for the review dear.. Nice pics ???

  2. I have used so many tubs of Nevea Soft Creams. I love this brand. Now a days I use their Firming body serum a lot as body moisturizer. Its very light weight and not greasy for my oily skin. Great pictures! ?

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