Aroma Magic Strawberry Face Wash Review

Aroma Magic Strawberry Face Wash Review

I purchased this a couple of months ago, but never got around to using it until since the last couple of weeks. Like I mentioned in my previous posts, I love Aroma Magic products because they are free from phthalate, mineral oil, parabens, synthetic colors or artificial fragrances. There are face washes available for different skin types –

  • White Tea and Chamomile everyday pollution defence- for all skin types
  • Strawberry gentle & moisturizing- for all skin types
  • Neem and Tea Tree oil balance and acne control – for oily skin
  • Grapefruit skin lightening and pore tightening – for normal to oily skin
  • Lavender hydrating and softening – for dry skin


Rs 145 for 100 ml

About Aroma Magic Strawberry Face Wash

I am 100% free of paraben, soap, alcohol, artificial coloring & fragrance. I purify & hydrate with strawberry fibers & aloe vera extracts, without drying your skin. I soothe & moisturize with a blend of rose, geranium &  ylang ylang essential oils.

My Take on Aroma Magic Strawberry Face Wash

Packaging – Comes in a see-through tube with a flip top cap. It is travel friendly – does not spill or flip open when travelling.

Color, Texture & Fragrance – It is pink-red in color and does smell like strawberries. The fragrance is mild and pleasant, but I am not really a fan of it. The consistency is a bit runny, so you have to be careful

True to it’s claims, it is a really mild face wash. It does not foam a lot, but cleanses well. It does not dry the skin at all, considering it’s winter and the climate is quite dry. Also, though it is moisturizing, it does not make the skin greasy either. So as it claims, it would be suitable for all skin types. So, a big thumbs up from me!

If you’re wearing makeup, you will need a separate makeup remover before using this. This is not sufficient to remove the makeup completely. Well, it does not claim to do so either, but just thought I should mention. I am currently using this one in the mornings and Ayorma Tan Removal Facewash in the evenings and this routine is really working well for me.

What I love about this face wash

  • It is free of paraben, soap, alcohol, artificial coloring & fragrance
  • It really mild and gentle
  • It cleanses well without drying the skin
  • Will suit all skin types
  • Very reasonably priced

Do I recommend it?

Absolutely, if you’re looking for a mild face wash that cleanses well without drying your skin, you should definitely give it a try.


  1. Your review is so compelling. There are so many new products available there and I have to wait to get them. This face wash looks good. I would have definitely tried the ones that are good for oily and normal to oily skin, in fact I would have tried all of them. ?

    • Thanks Via 🙂 Do give them a try, they have a nice range of facewashes. I have tried the Lavender and Tea Tree ones as well and loved them too.

  2. Nice article! My skin looks dry, rough and this face wash can be helpful to give it a healthy looking glow. I will try it. Thanks for sharing.

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