About Me

Welcome to Decoding Beauty!

Who am I
Shridevi from Mumbai, India. 
I love…….
  • Reading – I am an avid reader and constantly on the lookout for good reads-magazines, novels, blogs, self-help books etc.
  • Travelling and exploring new places. That also includes exploring my own city.
  • Zentangle Art, Doodle Art, drawing Mandalas
  • Trying out new beauty products  – I have a ton of them!
  • Ohh yes…and browser-shopping, scouring shopping sites for good discounts/deals and buying and hoarding things that I don’t really need. This should actually top the list of things that I love.
What you will find on this blog I absolutely love trying new beauty products – more skin care than makeup. I started this blog to share my love for the same and connect with other bloggers who have similar interests. On this blog, you will mainly read product reviews, my skincare, hair care and makeup routines, tips and tricks that I have learnt and tried over time. Hope you enjoy reading my blog! ❤ Do you have a blog? Leave a comment below and I would love to visit your blog as well! ❤ ❤ Don’t have a blog? Stopped by to read? Have something to say? Well, I would love to hear from you! Do leave a comment! ❤
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