Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist Review

Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist

Whenever you use heat based styling tools for your hair, be it blow dry or a hot iron or curler, it tends to damage your hair, making it brittle and dry. So it is imperative that you use a good heat protection serum or spray  to avoid the damage.

How I came to purchase this is a different story. I have shoulder length hair and did not really iron or blow dry that often. One day, I had a sudden urge to trim the ends. Couldn’t get an appointment with my regular hair dresser, went to a different one and she cut it too short. So short that I couldn’t even tie it up. I was forced to use an iron almost every other day to keep it looking good. So I ended up buying this Toni & Guy Heat Protection mist to avoid the damage from using iron frequently.

Price Rs 750 for 150 ml

About Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist
Helps protect against damage and breakage caused from heat styling and conditions hair for a softer, smoother finish.

Directions for use
Before heat styling, spray evenly over towel-dried hair and comb through. Top up in-between blow-drying and using straightening irons by spritzing over dry hair.

My Experience with Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist
The mist comes in a sturdy, travel friendly spray bottle. It has a lock at the neck of the bottle to avoid accidental spraying during travel. The texture doesn’t feel thick or oily, only watery- exactly how a mist is supposed to be. The fragrance of this mist is quite strong and absolutely amazing. It lingers on for a few hours which I love. The mist does its job really well in protecting from damage. Like I mentioned in the introduction, how I needed to iron my hair every other day at one point in time, and using this actually protected my hair from getting brittle or damaged.

What I noticed is, whenever I use it with with ironing, though it looks great on the same day, there is quite a bit of stickiness and dullness on the following day. However, when I use it before blow drying, there is no such issue. My hair looks and feels as bouncy and shiny even on the following day.

To sum it up,
– Effective in heat protection – really protects hair from damage
– Amazing fragrance
– Very practical, travel friendly packaging
– Easily available

– Leaves a bit of stickiness the following day when used with ironing (however, no such issue when used with blow drying)
– Quite expensive

Do I recommend it?
If you’re okay with the cons I have mentioned, you can go for it. It’s a good heat protection mist which actually protects your hair from damage.

Which heat protection spray or serum do you use? Are you satisfied with it? Do let me know in the comments below.


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