SoulTree Lipstick in the shade Nude Pink Review, Swatch

SoulTree Lipstick in the shade # 500 Nude Pink

I got this lipstick by Soultree in my Fab Bag last year. This came to my notice as I was cleaning my makeup cabinet a few days ago. Clearly, I haven’t used it in a while and you may have figured out I am not a fan of this shade. However, I wore it this time for review purpose and here we go.

Before proceeding with the review, a bit about the brand Soultree for those who are not familiar with it. SoulTree claims to be the only Indian brand to offer certified natural personal care and beauty products. They use authentic Ayurvedic recipes and natural, organic ingredients. Well, that kind of justifies the slightly higher price range of their products.

Price Rs 550 for 4.5 gm

About Soultree Lipstick

Organic ghee for its healing, moisturizing and lightening effects, wild honey for softening and sweet almond for revitalizing and nourishment, makes this lipstick a perfect way to give your lips a vibrant dash of color. It has no synthetic colors, fragrances or preservatives

My Take on Soultree Lipstick Shade # 500 Nude Pink

I got this lipstick in one of my Fab Bags. I did have a shade choice and went for this one. I was really into nude lipsticks at that time.
Packaging – Comes in a sturdy grey packaging, and I must say the lid opens and closes very smoothly without a click.However it’s firm enough and wouldn’t open by itself in your handbag.

Formula – Creamy formula. Applies easily without any tugging. But the creamy formula doesn’t stay that way. It soon settles into an almost matte finish so as to not budge or spread. It doesn’t bleed or feather. Nor does it accentuate the fine lines.

Shade – It is a really pale, cool toned pink shade. Just for comparison, if you have seen MAC Mehr, it is a nude shade that looks lovely on most medium skin tones including mine. As for this one, it is way lighter than Mehr. So it completely washes me out (I’m NC41 in MAC). So, while this would be a perfect nude shade for fair skin tones, it would look really pale on medium skin tones.

Swatch, Shade comparison with MAC Mehr

Fragrance – It has quite a strong, sweet fragrance which stays on for some time. I am not really a fan of sweet fragrances so not a plus point for me.

Finish and coverage – It gives a opaque finish in the first swipe itself, so it would work really well if you have unevenly pigmented lips.

Staying Power – Average. Stays for about 3 hours without eating.

Do I recommend it?

This particular shade – If you have fair skin tone and looking for a nude lipstick, then yes. Medium to deeper skin tones, stay away from this shade. It will wash you out.


  1. Great post Shri! The idea of natural organic ingredients sounds good to me. The color in the tube is pretty dark but swatches are very sheer, even I would not have liked this shade. ?

  2. I have used 4 shades from this brand and I have to say I was very happy with the results! Especially because I suffered from lip dermatitis a year back and I couldn’t even apply Vaseline on my lips without them going dry and breaking up and having sores..I thought I’d never wear another lipstick again but when I came across this, I gave it a try and it worked! So happy! Love their Glistening loam.

    • That’s amazing Nitika! Glad it worked so well for you. Hope your lip condition is better now. It would be great if you can recommend which are the shades from this range that you loved.

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