Scholl Foot and Nail Cream Review

Scholl Foot and Nail Cream

I tend to neglect my feet a lot. I don’t really like to splurge regularly on expensive pedicures at parlors. At the same time, I am too lazy to spend time doing pedicure at home. So good foot creams are always welcome. Along with this one, I also use Himalaya Foot cream (which I use depending on what my skin needs at that point in time) which I will review separately.

Scholl is a reputed brand in footcare offering a range of products. And so when I came across this foot cream I wasted no time in picking it up.

Price Rs 200 for 75 gms


Scholl Foot & Nail Cream is the ultimate moisturizer for hard working feet.

  • Clinically proven to immediately soften and hydrate dry hard skin and condition toenails
  • Prevents the buildup of hard skin and callus
  • Protects from drying and cracking
  • Immediate boost in hydration and improved skin elasticity
  • Long lasting intensive moisturisation
  • Dermatologically tested. Suitable for sensitive skin.


The cream comes in a simple tube with a flip top cap. The nozzle is quite small, so it can dispense exact amount of cream without causing any wastage. The cream is white in color and has no noticeable fragrance. The cream is quite rich in texture.

Like the rest of my body, my feet are quite dry. I also tend to neglect them a lot. I don’t have cracked heels though. Whenever I go for days together without proper care (I do that a lot) and I suddenly realize that my feet are in a bad shape, this one comes to my rescue. It completely lives up to it’s claim, and makes my feet supple and moisturized. I first brush my feet with a regular foot brush, dry and apply this cream. I put on socks for added benefit. Within 3-4 days of continuous usage, I can see a lot of difference. The best part is, though its quite a rich cream, it spreads easily and gets completely absorbed. It doesn’t leave behind any greasiness or stickiness, making it suitable for even day time use. Also, you don’t need a lot of it, just a little quantity is enough. If you don’t have nail polish on, you can see its effect on nails too.


  • Easily available
  • Inexpensive
  • Lives up to its claims
  • Rich enough to make even very dry skin supple
  • Easily absorbed, making it suitable for day time use as well
  • Conditions nails as well


  • Not meant for cracked heels, Scholl has a separate product for that (not a con but found it worth mentioning)
  • Not effective on tans/marks

Do I recommend this?

It is not a must have product, but good nevertheless to keep your feet in good condition.

Quick Read: A few minutes a day to beautiful feet –

  • Before you go to bed, use a good foot cream that meets your needs and wear cotton socks
  • During the day, before stepping out in the sun, use SPF on your feet as well. ‘
  • Use a good foot brush in the shower to scrub away dead skin. It takes less than a minute. Follow up with a foot cream or at least a regular moisturizer.
  • If you spend a lot of time in air-conditioned environment or live at a place where temperatures are extreme, wear closed shoes or protect your feet with socks.