Roots Professional Morocvita Argan Oil Review

Morocvita Argan Oil

Roots Professional Morocvita Argan Oil Review
In my April’16 Fab Bag, I had received two mini sample bottles of Roots Morocvita Argan Oil and immediately fell in love with it. Since it was a little pricey then, put it on my wishlist and forgot about it. A few months later, I saw it was on 40% discount on Nykaa and ordered it without second thoughts. This is one of the very few products which I have received as a sample and I liked it so much that I went ahead and purchased a full size version of it. Though I had purchased this a few months back, I had saved the outer carton just for the review 🙂

Price 2000 INR for 120 ml (It is almost always available on Nykaa on a discount for 900-1200 INR)

Roots Professional Morocvita Oil. Natural Hair Treatment. Derived from Moroccan Argan Tree.

For all hair types. Vitamin A & E. Alcohol Free. Colour & UV Protection. Shiny and Silky hair.

Morocvita Oil is a superior source of antioxidants, vitamin A & E, and moisture. It nourishes, protects the scalp and hair from the environment, and is absorbed instantly without leaving any oily residue. It has shown remarkable results in repairing damaged hair, keeping it looking shiny and healthy.

Directions Apply evenly to dry or wet hair, style as usual. Can be used with hot iron.

My experience using Roots Professional Morocvita Argan Oil
The product comes in a brown glass bottle with a pump. The bottle cap is slightly loose and I worry about it coming off when travelling. Also have to be really careful since its a glass bottle and I am not confident about carrying it around when I am traveling. So I transfer little quantity it in the mini sample bottles that I had received in my Fab Bag if I am traveling somewhere. The oil itself is pale yellow in color and has a very mild, subtly pleasant fragrance which you can smell for sometime after you apply it. Then it gradually fades away. The oil itself has a non-greasy, non-sticky slippery texture, the one that most serums have. So it is more like serum than oil.

How I use it: After washing my hair, while it is still damp, I take a few pumps of it and apply. Though they say it can be used as a heat protectant and can be used with hot irons, I have used it only with blow drying. With hot iron (which is very rare), I still use my Tony and Guy Heat protectant spray and after ironing, use a few drops of this serum for the shine and glossy look. Also, though they say it protects the scalp, I do not rub it into my scalp like we do with hair oil. I just apply along the shafts and maybe very little near the scalp .

This serum is one of the few out there that is actually non greasy as they claim. Even on day 2 after application, it does not make my hair greasy. It really really helps in managing frizzy hair without making it look greasy or oily. It does not weigh my hair down. Even though it is quite expensive, a bottle would last you a long long time. Since each time you need very little quantity of it.

The tiny sample bottle that I use when travelling

To sum up,
– Non greasy, non sticky, non oily
– Alcohol free
– Really good at managing frizzy hair
– Gives a lovely, healthy sheen to the hair
– Contains argan oil, Vitamin A & E , which also nourishes your hair along with aiding styling
– Works as heat protectant (I have used only with blow dryer never with hot iron)

– Packaging is not at all travel friendly
– Quite expensive (almost always available on good discounts though. Compare prices before buying)
– I would call it a serum not hair oil. Mainly due to the texture. Argan oil is the only natural ingredient in it, and that too the percentage is not mentioned.

Would I recommend it?
Definitely yes! It is one of the best hair serums out there.


    • I apply it as soon as I towel dry my hair, so it doesn’t really give a chance for my hair to form knots. But on rare occasions that I do have knots, it does make de-tangling much easier. BTW I have really short hair so de-tangling is easier for me 😛

  1. I love Argan oil. I’m looking for one that will not make my hair greasy. And if you say this one doesn’t do that that’s great. Do they ship worldwide?

    • Thanks for stopping by Angel. This one definitely gives a lovely sheen to your hair without making it look greasy. However, if you’re looking for pure Argan oil, then this product is not for you, Argan oil is just one ingredient of this serum. Also, I couldn’t find any online stores that ship worldwide, sorry about that

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