Maybelline V Face Duo Powder Review

Maybelline V Face Duo Powder Review

I was looking for a no-fuss product for a subtle, everyday contoured look when I came across Maybelline V Face Duo Powder and thought of giving this a try. There are two shade options available: Light-Medium and Medium-Dark. I opted for the shade Light-Medium.

Price Rs 500 for 8.5 gm

About Maybelline V Face Duo Powder 
The first Duo Finishing Powder. Smaller V-Face look in a NY Minute!

My Experience with Maybelline V Face Duo Powder

The packaging is quite attractive and sturdy – it comes in a lovely travel friendly compact which closes with a click. The compact opens both sides – on one side is the product. And on the other side it has a mirror and a brush. I would have preferred the mirror to be on the side of the product, not the other side. This is however insignificant. The brush quality is quite nice, good enough for touch ups. As you can see, the powders are placed in V -shape. The inner lighter one for highlighting and the outer darker one for contouring. The highlighter powder has very subtle, non-gritty shimmer in it.

The instructions say –
  1. Mix both the powders and cover your whole face
  2. Highlight T-Zone, under eyes and on your chin with the lighter one
  3. Shade along the jaw bone with the darker shade
The highlighter is more of a subtle brightener than a proper highlighter. It shows up quite well on my skin and especially brightening up the under eye area. The contouring powder is however quite difficult to work with. Though the powder looks quite dark and nice in the pan, the pigmentation is really poor. You really have to build it up multiple times for it to even show up a little bit. It is really frustrating to work with it. This product overall is quite redundant for contouring.

Then how do I use it? I use my Real Techniques face brush and swirl it over the compact, thereby picking up both shades with the brush and then use it over my face and neck with a light hand. Surprisingly, it works better that way. Blends quite well without appearing chalky. Stays for about 4-5 hours without budging. The shimmer in the highlighting powder gives a subtle glow and quite decent coverage.

To summarize-

For a change I want to list down the cons first here –
– Though the highlighter is pretty nice, the contouring powder is poorly pigmented – hence redundant as a contouring product
– Just two shade options with not much difference in both of them

Now that we know that it is not good enough for contouring, these are the pros as a compact-
– Has SPF-32
– Good packaging
– Blends well, not chalky
– Gives a nice glow and decent coverage

Would I recommend it?
As a contouring product – no. There are definitely much better products out there.


  1. Wow, I dont think I have seen thins product at the drugstore yet here, too bad its not the best haha thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. And the hunt for a perfectly pigmented bronzer for Indian skin continues 😛 Great review!

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