Look your best this monsoon

Monsoons bring about a mixed feeling for me. On days that I have to be outdoors, I absolutely hate going out when it rains. On days that I can be at home, there’s nothing more beautiful than sitting by the window with a cup of coffee and watching the rains. Monsoons can also cause our skin and hair to behave weirdly. Our regular skincare and hair care routine doesn’t seem to work any longer. But like they say, our skin and hair care routine should change with the climate. Here are a few tips that I have compiled to help you look your best this monsoon
Condition before shampoo
Yes! You read it right. Monsoon can be really tricky for your hair. Either it becomes too frizzy or gets weighed down due to the humidity in the air. If you find your hair getting weighed down and limp, read on. Instead of your usual shampoo and then conditioner routine, condition first, wait for a few minutes and shampoo it off. This helps to wash off the excess conditioner thus preventing it from being weighed down and hair sticking to your scalp. Trust me it works!
Use a good serum for frizzy hair
If your hair is too frizzy use a light serum to help smoothen it. Just a few drops should be enough.My favorite for this season is Roots Morocvita Argan Oil. Neither too oily nor too greasy, I find it just perfect for this climate.
Constant humidity in the air tends to make our skin look dull if not properly taken care of. Make sure to exfoliate regularly to keep your skin looking fresh and supple. For your body you can use a loofah or a nice body scrub to slough off the dead skin and reveal radiant skin. For your face you can use a nice mild scrub with finer granules. Facial skin is more delicate and hence you need to use a mild scrub that is not too abrasive. Choose a scrub that suits your skin type. However be careful not to overdo scrubbing. Once or twice a week should be sufficient.

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Use a water based moisturizer
Since there is already a lot of humidity in the air, heavy moisturizers will make your skin look oily and dull. Opt for a light water based moisturizer instead.
Go light on makeup
Skip your usual foundation and use BB/CC creams or tinted moisturizer instead. Set it with compact of your choice for a matte look. Also opt for smudge free Kohl to avoid raccoon eyes.
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Use clear mascara
Ditch your usual black/brown mascara and go for clear ones. Even if your mascara is water proof it’s not a great idea to wear waterproof mascara everyday unless you have the patience and time to remove every bit of it before you sleep. Instead opt for a clear mascara to enhance your lashes.
Avoid ironing /straightening
If you’re someone who irons your hair every day, it’s tough to maintain the ironed look in the monsoon. Since humidity doesn’t allow ironed hair to remain like that for long. Try sporting a nice tousled look instead
Add a little pop of color
Try adding a little pop of color to an otherwise gloomy rainy day. Go for accessories in funky bright colors be it your scrunchies/hair clips or your umbrella or even your nail paint. These are sure to brighten up your day!
What is your skincare/makeup mantra for monsoon? Do share in the comments below!


  1. Great tips for the rainy season. I love Argan Oil – I oil my hair at least once a month, thoroughly. Makes it so much more manageable.

    • Thanks Bibi! You’re so right..oiling hair makes it so much easier to manage..

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