How to choose the right beauty subscription box

If you haven’t heard of beauty subscription boxes yet, you have been probably living under a rock. Some of them are well established names and there a whole lot of new ones. Also, there are some which are just starting out, for which you can place your orders only via social media like Instagram or Facebook. These days beauty subscription boxes are everywhere and we are spoilt for choices. How do you know which ones are the right for you? Read on to find out-

Look for reputed brands

Before you subscribe, make sure the beauty box that you are subscribing to are giving out products from reputed brands and genuine products. They don’t have to necessarily be old and known brands. The brands could be new, but make sure that they are reputed and genuine.

Buying from Social Media

Some of the beauty subscription services are available only on social media like Instagram or they give out only phone numbers for placing orders. Sure, a lot of them are genuine accounts trying to start a genuine subscription service. However, there are a lot of phoney accounts as well out there who are trying to coax people to place orders. Make sure to verify these are genuine before you hand out advance payment for these orders

Short Term Subscriptions

When you’re trying out a new subscription service, don’t directly pay for a long term one. Try a month’s box and if you like the products and services, then go for long term plans like for a year.

Value for Money

Some of these subscription boxes provide immense value for money. For e.g. some subscription services give you good quality products from reputed brands worth more than Rs 2000 for just Rs 500 or so. Compare and choose well.

Look for Flexibility

Some of them allow you to choose products/shades for yourself. In my opinion, that is an important factor since there are much lesser chances that you will end up with a product that you dislike. Also, some of them allow you to cancel your subscription midway (for long term subscriptions) and give you a refund. Look for these factors as well.

If you’re on a budget

If you’re on a budget and yet to renew or subscribe, wait till all the products of a ‘surprise’ box are revealed. Generally a new box is curated and shipped out at the beginning of a month. Wait for a week or two till your favorite bloggers post an ‘un-boxing’ or review article about them. Then go for it only if you think you will like those products.

Wait for offers/coupon codes

If your subscription is ending, and you intend to renew, see if you can wait till the last few days. You almost always get renewal discount codes 🙂

You can see a post on the 5 most popular ones in India here.

Which subscription boxes have you tried? Or which ones you would like to go for?  Do let me know in the comments below!



  1. It’s really nice to know the options before we decide on any subscription boxes. If I were in India I would go for the one that sends the Sugar lip products hehehe. I recently subscribed to the Boxycharm (this is my first and only subscription) that it available in US. I get all my boxes when I visit. It feels like party of the skincare and makeup all together.

    • Hahaha, right now Fab Bag is the only one which frequently sends out Sugar goodies in their box. Right now its a newly launched lipcolor range and compact that they’re sending out..

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