Guest Post by Zeba Noor – Life and Pursuits Breathe Free Cold and Cough Balm

Hey everyone! Today’s post is a guest post by the lovely Zeba Noor of Hearty Diaries blog. Here, she is reviewing an organic cough and cold balm by the brand Life And Pursuits.

Review: Life and Pursuits Breathe Free Certified Organic Ayurveda Cold and Cough Balm

By Zeba Noor 

Today I am going to review one more product by Life and Pursuits for you all and this time it is their Cold and Cough Balm. I have also reviewed their Child Massage Oil and Daily Moisturizing Lotion recently, so don’t forget to check them out.

Although I tried this product on my six months old cousin Mahira just like the other two products, I couldn’t wait to try it on me as well as I have a very sensitive nose and catch cold real quick. Whenever I am exposed to smoke or dust, I catch allergy and start sneezing.

Recently, I caught cold and couldn’t fight any vaporub at home, so I tried this product on me as well. So make sure to tighten your seat belts and keep on reading this post till the end to know how it worked on me as well as baby Mahira. Well, without further ado, let’s quickly jump into the review..


Directions of usage


Price Rs 400 for 35 gm


This product comes in a dark green colored carton packaging with all necessary product details mentioned on it.

Once you pull the product out of the box, you see a small, see-through, glass, cylindrical tub with a silver colored, fibre screw cap. It also has a white colored lid inside to protect the product from spilling across the screw cap but I somehow missed it.

Overall, the packaging looks classy and mess proof but it is prone to breakage as well. I also do not like tub packaging because it is somewhat unhygienic but for a cold and cough balm, I cannot think of any other packaging.


Mild, minty, identical to most of the cold and cough balms

Texture and Consistency:

Since it is a balm, it has a balmy and smooth texture with a solid consistency. However, the product melts and spreads like butter once you rub it in between your fingers.

My Experience:

Starting off with the smell of this product, I think it is the mildest smell I’ve sniffed off a “Cold and Cough Balm”. It does not bother my sensitive nose at all and does a great job of refreshing the mind and unblocking the nose whenever necessary. When I caught cold, I used it on myself because I wanted to see how it worked and till that time we hadn’t noticed any need of it to be tried on Mahira or any other baby at home because all of them were doing well.

When I used it on me, most of all, I loved its smell and also the fact that it unblocked my stuffy nose real quick. As for the results to show up, it did work but took quite long and many applications because I am an adult and it is a baby product.

Obviously, products with a higher formulation are meant to work on me but it still did a great job. Honestly, I thought it was too mild to show any effective results on me but it eventually did. For its actual result to be seen, we had to wait until any baby at home would need it.

Three days ago, Baby Mahira caught cold and suffered from nose blockage and all that unpleasant stuff. We were too quick to use it on her because we wanted her to get fine as well as see how it works on her. We were definitely expecting a quicker result because if it could work on me, it was definitely going to work on her.

As expected, it showed up effective results within around three applications and we could see Mahira getting happy and active back again because her nose was unblocked and everything felt better. The formulation of this product is really good and overall, it gives satisfactory results without any side effects.


– Quick and effective
– Soothing aroma
– Mild formulation
– Little quantity required
– Classic packaging
– Ingredients list mentioned
– Often available on huge discounts online


– Short shelf life
– Pricey
– Only available online

Do I recommend it?

Yes. It is a mild, cruelty free and very useful product for children, so you must grab it. It works just as claimed, so it is highly worth the money.

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