7 things you need to know if you wear contact lens regularly

Do you like to wear contact lens on a regular basis? Here I have compiled a list of tips I have tried and tested over the years. Many of you may already be aware of most of these tips and may be already be implementing them too, but it would be useful to those who are relatively new to contact lenses

Keep your hands super clean

This one can never be emphasized enough. Yes, our hands as well as face should be super clean before we even touch the contacts lens. The slightest impurity – leave alone dirt, even traces of soap/facewash/handwash or even lint or tiny fragments of fiber from garments if present on our fingers may get transferred to the contact lens and highly irritate or sting our eyes. Hence, it is imperative to wear contact lens the first thing before you start with makeup or even before using your skin care products.

Keep fresh contact lens solution handy

Whenever you step out of the house, always keep fresh contact lens solution handy. By this I do not mean that we should carry an entire bottle of lens solution. Even a 100 ml bottle occupies considerable space in our already crowded handbag. Fill your contact lens case with fresh solution and carry that in your handbag instead.It will save space in your handbag and at the same time keep you prepared for emergencies. If you’re using contact lens with power, then always carry your glasses in case you can’t do without any of them.

Lost and found

This has happened only 3-4 times ever since I started wearing lens. I was in a hurry to put my lens on. But after I put it on, I realized that my lens is not where it is supposed to be. It was lost somewhere in my eye, most probably under my lids! I could feel it but could not find it! I freaked out. I panicked. I don’t remember being more scared than this all my life. I don’t know how it occurred to me, but I filled a small bowl with drinking water up to the brim and blinked into it. After blinking several times, the lens finally made an appearance. Remember not to use tap water for this. It will sting very badly. I think it’s the chlorine in tap water. I had used water from the purifier which was boiled and cooled (I always give my daughter boiled and cooled water from the purifier so I have it handy!). You can also use your contact lens solution for this, it’s your choice! This happens very rarely. But if at all it happens with you, do not poke and pull your eyes or eyelids. Do not panic. Now you know what to do!
Note: Incase you are not able to find your contact lens even after this, please contact your ophthalmologist immediately. If you try to poke and pull at your eyes, it may cause the lens to rub the delicate areas in your eyes and cause harm.

Opt for monthly/weekly disposable lens

Though daily disposable ones are most hygienic, it becomes expensive if you are someone who wears contact lens every single day. Also, there are more negatives than positives of yearly disposable ones. Apart from the very obvious hygiene reasons; there is the cost factor too. The price of one set of 1 year disposable lens is more than that of one set of monthly disposable ones. Agree? So,if at all you develop an eye infection, it is imperative that you discard your current set of lenses and go for brand new ones once your infection is cured and your doctor gives you a go-ahead to start wearing lens again. Also, it may happen that sometimes the lens develop a tear, get damaged due to rough handling, you may lose the contact lens, etc. In such situations, if you are currently using yearly disposable ones, you end up spending more than the monthly/weekly disposable ones.

Choosing eye care and eye makeup products

Whenever you are shopping for eye care or eye makeup products ensure that you check if it is safe for contact lens wearers. And eyes are the most delicate and sensitive part of our face, so make sure you use products only from reputed brands.

Be attentive to any discomfort in your eyes

Do not ever ignore irritation/redness or any other discomfort in your eyes especially if you’re wearing lenses. It means that something is not right. With clean hands, take off your lens immediately. If discomfort persists in spite of that, see your ophthalmologist.

Clean your lens case regularly

Thoroughly clean your lens case once or twice a week. I use a drop or two of ‘no-tears’ baby liquid soap plus plain water, scrub the interior and exterior of the case thoroughly with a baby toothbrush. Rinse it off with plain water and a final thorough rinse with contact lens solution.

Well, this was all from my side. Do let me know if you have any more to add. Do you wear contact lens? What do you like and dislike about it? Do let me know in the comments below!