Urby Wanderlust Limited Edition Passport Holder in Spanish Blue

Urby Wanderlust Limited Edition Passport Holder in Spanish Blue

I recently got an email from Urby asking whether I would review their passport holder. I’m sure you would know by now that I wouldn’t recommend any product on my site that I myself am not convinced of. So before I could say yes, I went to their website to know more about them. Apart from their huge range of accessories, there is a whole lot of other things that was super impressive about this brand (you will read about it towards the end of this post). After taking my details and color preferences, they sent me a personalized Wanderlust Limited Edition Spanish Blue Passport Holder. I was super excited!

This is the package I received from them –

The passport holder came in a lovely navy blue carton with the words ‘URBY’ printed on it. Within the box, there was a canvas drawstring pouch with their label on it. It was within this pouch that they had packaged the passport holder.


My Take on Urby Wanderlust Passport Holder

Now this range of Wanderlust passport holders from Urby comes in around 15 different variants, including a couple of Limited Editions. They all differ in texture,color, pattern and finish. Also, the price varies with each variant, depending on what you choose. The starting price for these passport holders is 895 INR. There is also a couple of them with a metallic finish.

Front Side

The one that I got – Spanish Blue is a Limited Edition one. It is a gorgeous deep blue passport holder with a textured feel to it. They sent it with my name embossed on the inner side. It is handcrafted in premium tanned leather. It looks extremely classy and elegant.

Back Side

When you open it, on the left, it has 3 slots for cards and at the back of these slots there is a bigger slot where you can keep tickets or boarding passes.

Inner Side


At the back of the holder is another slot –

It is really compact in size and very convenient to slip it into your handbag when you’re travelling.

The only thing I would change about it if I could was, I would get my name printed on the outside of the holder and not on the inner side.

What I really loved about Urby

Though I am mainly writing about the passport holder here, like I mentioned before, I am really impressed by the brand as a whole. Here’s what I really love about them and why you should definitely check them out too-

  • Their business model – They have eliminated all middlemen/retailers from their dealings and sell directly to the consumer, thereby making premium quality accessories available at affordable prices.
  • Their Lifestyle Blog – is really informative and worth following
  • Their range of accessories – They have a really wide range of leather accessories to choose from
    • Travel Essentials – Passport Holders, Travel Wallets, Pouches, Luggage Tags and a lot of other travel accessories
    • Card Cases, Men’s and Women’s Wallets
    • Lifestyle Essentials – Watch Cases, Jewelry Organizers, Cuff Link Cases, Pen Cases, Tie Cases as well as Key Rings
    • Phone Cases! (Yes, they have premium leather phone cases too!)
  • You can personalize each of these products – just for an additional Rs 150 (per product)
  • These accessories make great gifts – be it your colleagues or your friends and family. If you’re not sure what to gift someone, these are a great gifting option. Who doesn’t like personalized handcrafted accessories in premium quality leather!

Also, (taken from their website) –

  • They have a 15-day return policy for all products (except custom made/personalized ones of course)
  • They have a one-year, material and craftsmanship guarantee for all the products- They repair the product for free within the first 12 months.

Do I recommend accesories from Urby?

Absolutely! If you’re looking for premium quality leather accessories, you should definitely check them out.

You can check out Urby Passport Holders here.

About Urby

Urby is a direct-to-consumer, lifestyle and travel accessories brand . They design and manufacture essentials for an urban lifestyle using the most premium materials and finest craftsmanship.
You can also check their wide range of mens wallet, women wallets, card cases …. and many more.

Readers of Decoding Beauty can make use of the coupon code DECBTY17 to avail a 10% discount which is valid till the end of this year. All you need to do is send an email to support@urby.in along with the discount code and the products you would like to buy. The support team will take it forward from there.

What are your favorite travel accessories?  Do let me know in the comments below.

The accessory was sent by the brand for review but my opinion is unbiased


  1. This passport holder is great and the best part is that your name is embossed on it which is cute but yes if it was printed out it would have been better. I checked their website, they have wide range and the quality looks great too. ?

    • Exactly, it would have been so much better if it was printed on the out side. You’re right, the quality and the range of products is amazing. I also love that they can be personalized!

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