The Face Shop Shea Butter Face Mask Review

The Face Shop Shea Butter Face Mask Review

Last week I had mentioned about the sheet The Face Shop sheet masks from the Real Nature range I had purchased. I decided to try The Shea Butter variant first. I hate using face masks when Mr H and my daughter are around because they both find it amusing and keep giggling and don’t let me enjoy my ‘me’ time. But I had no option but to go ahead with it on Friday night. And amidst giggles and funny comments, tried my best to enjoy the mask.

Price Rs 100 INR per pack of 1 sheet

About The Face Shop Shea Butter Face Mask

Face mask with Shea Butter Extract. Formula without added Parabens. A mask that provides deep nutrients and elasticity to skin with Shea Butter.

Moisturizing is one big thing for skin. 

But there are skin types which needs extra nourishment that provides richer texture. 

Recommended for dull and super dry skin

The nourishing and elasticity mask sheet with nutrition-packed Shea butter essence deeply nourishes skin to provide vital elasticity. (Drenched with emulsified moisturizing serum)

Directions  1. Wash face and apply toner 2. Pull out mask and carefully place on face 3. Remove after 10-15 minutes and pat face lightly to absorb remaining serum into skin.

My Experience using The Face Shop Shea Butter Face Mask

The Face Shop

As directed I washed my face and used a toner (FabIndia Rose water). The Face Mask comes in sachets containing single sheet. I tore open the sachet and placed the sheet mask on my face. The mask was dripping with the emulsified moisturizing serum, so much so that a little serum started trickling down my neck in some time. There was no noticeable fragrance, just something mild which did not particularly smell of anything.  10 minutes later, the mask was still considerably moist. And the mask sits well on the contours of your face. There was no tingling or irritation on my sensitive skin.

Even though they said 10-15 minutes, I kept it on for about 20 minutes because even though the serum on the mask seemed to have reduced a little, the mask had not dried!  And I was waiting for it to dry at least a little before I removed the mask. After I removed the mask, there was a little serum sitting on top of my skin all over my face.

I did not notice any immediate changes except very good moisturization. No brightening. Oh such an average mask I thought. Nothing that a good moisturizer cannot do. But I started to see the effects next day. My skin looked plump and nourished. Even after I washed my face I did not feel the need for a moisturizer. I totally loved the way my skin looked and felt. Those with super dry skin would understand.

To sum it up,


  • Not expensive
  • Being a sheet mask, it’s non messy and super easy to use.
  • Dry skinned beauties: Super nourishing. It really really hydrates and plumps your skin
  • Convenient packaging


None that I can think of.

Would I recommend it?

Would highly recommend it to those with dry and super dry skin. Your skin will thank you for it!


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