Loreal Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum Review

Loreal Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum Review

My hair has been quite frizzy off late and I have been hunting for the right serum to keep my hair frizz-free. I tried a lot of products including hair masks and serums which I will be reviewing soon. Let me start with one of the first products I tried. – Loreal Smooth Intense Intense Smoothing Serum.


Rs 250 for 100 ml (almost always available on a discount on Amazon)

About Loreal Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum

Transforms unruly hair to smooth, manageable hair.

The texture and shine is instantly renewed.

Immediately your hair feels smooth, silky and manageable

My Take on Loreal Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum

Packaging: Comes in a simple bottle with a flip-top cap. The cap is secure enough to be carried around in your handbag without any spillage. The bottle is opaque, hence you wont be able to see how much serum is there inside.

Appearance, Fragrance & Texture: The serum is transparent in color and is quite runny. The fragrance is quite strong, but doesn’t last long after application.

Effectiveness: Okay, this part is a bit tricky. As per the instructions on the bottle, you can apply on washed or dried hair.

When you use it on damp hair, the product is absorbed well, gives your hair a frizz-free and shiny appearance for a few hours. Sadly, it doesn’t last for more than that – you have to reapply after a few hours.

When you use it on dry hair, the product remains on the hair, giving it a sticky, oily look. Hence, please avoid using it on dry hair.

Would I repurchase this?

Definitely not! There are much better serums out there. I am just trying to make it work to finish off what I have, because I hate just throwing it away

Do I recommend Loreal Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum?

Definitely no! There are much better serums out there for this price. If you are already stuck with a bottle of this, use it on damp hair instead of dry hair – it will keep your hair frizz free for a couple of hours.

Which hair serum are you currently loving? Do let me know in the comments below.

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  1. This sounds a big dud …thank you for saving my bucks…i was planning to pick this one to try next as my body shop serum was about to finish,,,

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