First tattoo? What to expect at the studio

 First tattoo? What to expect at the studio

A couple of months ago, I had posted about 5 basic things to consider before you get a tattoo. You have deliberated and  pondered over whether you want a tattoo or not, if you want it, then what it’s gonna be like, etc for days, weeks or even months. After considering hundreds of designs, you finally found ‘the one’. And finally the day has arrived that you are actually getting it done. Here are a few things that will help you be better prepared when you’re at the studio.

1. If it’s the first time you’re getting tattoo, it’s good if someone can accompany you (Some’one’: one friend, and not a gang please).  He/she can keep talking to you to distract you from the pain, help you in decision making, and even take your pictures/videos when you’re getting your tattoo done 🙂 However, be considerate to those around you and make sure you don’t distract your tattoo artist and/or disturb others in the studio.

2. Expect pain. I would be lying if I said it doesn’t pain. It will pain, but not to the extent that you cannot bear it. Mentally prepare yourself that it will pain temporarily and that you will bear it. Think about how gorgeous the tattoo is going to look once its done and heals, how proud you will be to have it, how much you have always wanted it etc. Listen to some music that you like. Think of ways that will help you keep distracted from the pain.

3. Wear comfortable clothes. If the tattoo is huge, it’s going to take time. So wear clothes that are comfortable that you can sit in them for the duration of the work. Also, once the tattoo is done, you need to allow it to heal right from the first minute. So, avoid clothes that are too tight or might hurt the freshly done tattoo.

4. If you’ve decided on a tattoo that’s gonna take a lot of time, carry water, some snack or energy bars that you can munch on. Chances are you will feel hungry or thirsty during the session.

5. If at all you feel uneasy or uncomfortable during the session, let your tattoo artist know about it. Also, don’t hesitate if you need to take a break mid-way during the session. However, respect the artist’s time and don’t drag on the break for longer than needed. Most artists will ask you from time to time whether you need a break and if you’re comfortable. So don’t hesitate to communicate.

Well, this is all I could think of. Hope it helps!

Do you already have tattoos? Or are you thinking of getting one? Do let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I know Carlene! I was lucky my brother already had two done before my first one. So I kind of knew what to expect.

  2. Oh dear tattoos I am not getting any ever. I like to see them on others hehehe. ? But the points you have mentioned are really useful to who ever wishes to get. Great tips.. ?

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