Fab Bag May 2016

Fab Bag May 2016

Fab Bag May 2016

I received my May Fab Bag rather late in the month. I generally receive my it in the first week of the month, but since it was delayed, I decided to check with them. I was told that there was some operational issues due which it was delayed. Nevertheless, I received my bag on 21st May.

This month’s theme is called The Summer Escapade. The pouch I received is a transparent bag with orange mesh. I love the pouches I receive each month, they can be put to so much use.

I got the following in this month’s bag –

  • Inveda Sunscreen Cream gel SPF 30
    Full Size Product. 75 ml. Price 225 INR
    When I first saw the sunscreen in the pouch, my first reaction was “Oh no! Not another sunscreen”. I already have a lot of sunscreens with me and I was certainly not looking for another one. But once I started using it, I loved it. It’s a new brand for me and certainly a lovely surprise how good it turned out to be.
  • Seasoul Dual Eyeshadow Palette in shade SS5
    Full size Product. Price 900 INR
    The Fab Bag site describes this shade as ‘A dual eyeshadow with a combination of Choco-Black matte shade and Boronzo shimmer shade.’
  • Ital Veloce fine fragrance mist in two variants – Summer Snow Flakes and Chii Town Blushes
    Sample Size Product. 12 ml each.
    Full Size Price – 499 for 210 ml
    Sample size products are apt for travelling with or just keeping in your handbag. Out of the two, I loved Chii Town Blushes.
  • Nyassa Tea Tree Face wash
    Sample Size Product. 30 ml
    Full size price – 400 INR for 145 ml
    I haven’t tried this yet. Will try soon and put up the review.

All in all, I loved this month’s Fab Bag. It has all the products that I can use. And I love the fact that I can sample so many good products (with two full size products this month!) for as less as Rs 500 a month.

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