The Fab Bag August 2017

The Fab Bag August 2017

I was actually meaning to write a review post about what I received in the August Fab Bag. But, to be honest, I did not get a chance to really use any of the products properly, and hence I decided that I might as well share what I received in the bag.

The theme for August was Flawless and Fierce. This month we got the goodies in a lovely tan clutch-pouch. If you are following me on Instagram, you might have already seen the pictures. I got four products in this month out of which three are full sized. Read on to see what I got –

Mond’sub 3 in 1 sheet mask

It is a Pearl Revitalizing 3D Hanging Ears Face and Neck mask. Meant for lightening, brightening, Revitalizing, Lifting and Firming. The pack also has a separate sachet of Vitamin C essence which is to be used after using the mask. I look forward to using the mask but may not use the essence since I have dry and sensitive skin.

Price – Rs 200 for a single use pack

Inatur Herbals Cleansing Milk

This one is meant for sensitive skin. It has Chamomile, Geranium oil, Honey, Lavender and Olive. I actually used it once. It’s a gentle moisturizing cleanser and though it did remove makeup quite well, it stung a bit near my eyes. So, will use it as a facial cleanser but not using it for eye makeup removal again.

Price – Rs 225 for 100 ml

Neemli Naturals Four Clay Face Mask /Body Wrap

One side of the pack I received says face mask other side says body wrap. The insert that I received with the bag says body wrap! I’m confused. It has French Red Clay, French Green Clay, Zeolite Clay and Fuller’s earth. The pack says it will leave the skin dry and smooth. Not too keen on trying this one, but since the climate is quite humid right now, I might give this a try!

Update: I did use it. Read review here

Price Rs 550 for 75 gm

Bella Voste Lipstick in the shade Fuchsia Flash

I was given an option to choose the shade and I chose the shade Fuchsia Flash. The shade looks gorgeous in the bullet, looking forward to use this one.

Price 449

Well, this is what I received in my August Fab Bag. Which subscription box are you loving currently? Do let me know in the comments below!

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    • Updated the post with the price. Thanks for pointing it out Natasha. I’m a little skeptical about using the clay mask since they say it would dry out the skin and I already have dry skin. But I will still give it a try and post a review!

  1. You received some interesting products. I like when there is a lipstick in them. I was so tempted by the monthly subscriptions everywhere that I subscribed to Boxycharm and it is superb.

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