Ayorma Fairness and Anti Tan Facewash Review

Ayorma Fairness and Anti-Tan Facewash Review

A couple of months ago, I was checking out a newly opened beauty store in my vicinity when one of the shop assistants gave me a bunch of product samples. Out of these, a couple of them caught my eye –  Ayorma facewash and face scrub. Though I had come across this brand before, I had never really given it much thought. Also, I really don’t like the word ‘fairness’ on products and am totally against this whole ‘fairness’and ‘whitening’ obsession by certain beauty brands in India. I mean, why can’t they call it just brightening? I almost had an instant dislike and proceeded to return them because I did not see myself using them. However, the girls insisted I try these products at least once. I agreed and put them in my bag along with my purchases.


Rs 249 for 50 ml

About Ayorma Fairness and Anti-Tan Facewash

Get a tan free, fair & glowing skin with this unique combination, powered by skin whitening globules and natural extracts.

Key Ingredients – Liquorice, Turmeric , French Lavender Oil, Honey, Egyptian Geranium Oil, Orange Peel oil

My Take on Ayorma Fairness and Anti-Tan Facewash

Packaging- Comes in a simple, green tube. The nozzle is really narrow to dispense a little quantity of product at a time.

Appearance- It has a golden honey color with blue mili globules in it. The globules sometimes get accumulated at the mouth of the tube, thereby blocking it and making it difficult to dispense the product.

Fragrance – It has a strong, citrus fragrance, probably due to the presence of orange peel oil.

As per the instructions, we need to apply and leave it on for about 30 seconds. The face wash is quite strong and you need just about a drop to cover your entire face and neck. It lathers and cleanses really well. It causes a bit of tingling/cooling sensation – maybe due to the presence of menthol in it.

In the first use only, I could see a noticeable difference in my skin – made me look all bright and glowing. I never expected a mere face wash to give that kind of results. To be honest, this is the best face wash I have used so far. I was super impressed!

There is one thing though – it does dry out the skin quite a bit, and if you have dry skin, you need to definitely follow it up with a moisturizer.

The samples lasted me for quite some time. As soon as I noticed the last tube getting used up, I called up the store and asked them if they have it in stock (I couldn’t find it anywhere online). They had last two tubes left. I asked them to save it for me and picked up both later in the day. It is my go-to facewash right now and I simply love it. This is has been one of my best beauty discoveries in recent times.

Do I recommend it?

A big yes! I think this is one of the best face washes I would recommend for summer.  Though it seems a bit pricey, you need a very little quantity at a time and a single tube would last you a long time. Also, for the kind of results that it gives, it is worth your money.


  1. I have never heard of this brand but this face wash sounds great. I would love to try as my oily skin will love it. I totally understand the Asia obsession with fairness and whitening haha!

    • I hadn’t paid much attention to this brand either, till the SA pushed this sample to me and I started using it. I’m sure you will love this one!

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